Hi Elsie, using an acrylic paste glue like Araldite Crystal Fix would work. SO MANY DIFFERENT KINDS! It takes a very long time for this to dry clear. I wasn’t sure of the difference between polymer gloss medium and the soft gel gloss, or if I should use both? Would I apply a soft gel mixed with the diamond dust? I worry there may be some chemical reaction with the Mod Podge! How can I adhere it? Hi Lin, not really , I would just mix us a few ‘tester mixes’ onto a palette, varying and making note of the different amounts of water added and then test these on some paper/canvas. I wanted to have really heavy defined peaks and swirls. Thank you for your help Semira. Add both to Cart Add both to List. Golden produce several specialist Acrylic Gels that add rough or granular texture varying from Pumice Gel that can be great for beach scenes to molding paste that is brilliant for building surfaces up, it can even be carved into! I’d hold the print up to the light and see how shiny it is in relation to a couple of swatches of the gloss and matte gels, then you can match the sheen so your textures blends in. Thanks! could I sand and gesso before? Consistency: Gels range from soft to extra heavy depending on the finish you are after. I want fluidity but for the paint not to spread. (see How to apply an isolation coat). CAN YOU USE A HEAT GUN, OR IS THAT A NO-NO ALSO?? A gel contains: binder (acrylic polymer) so is essentially a colourless paint. Cheers, Will, Hello I had a question regarding using mediums . Btw…your videos have been VERY helpful. I would like to be able to glue paper/magazine type paper to 180 lb hot press paper and seal it. By using artist quality acrylics mixed with a gel (Regular gel or Soft gel would work best), you can effectively create your own ‘home-made’ student range. and if so, how should it be applied? kind regards. Cheers, Will. How about a mod podgy, which one is better to use over of my picture to give more texture and make it more like a painting? Good for holding peaks. If I am framing an acrylic painting – do I apply the isolation coat (without varnish) and then frame? It can crack, change colors, and get scratched! My question is, if it doesn’t work can I paint just with the acrylic paint over a glazing area? Thank you very much, this is an excellent site! and page! Hi Will Not sure if you can help me, I am new to painting and not very good so have turned my hand to pouring the paint i use acrylic and have also purchased pouring medium but the mix is to thick and will no run on the canvas what can i use to get it to run?? Hi Lin, if the medium is too thick you just need to add some water to the mix, stir it together and try pouring it again until you get a nice flow. Available in matte or gloss, in 250 ml jars. I am confused on whether to go for the semi-gloss or gloss finish. Cheers, Will, Hi Will, I’ve worked with a fair bit of acrylics and mediums. What would you recommend? Thank you so very much !!! This still seems sticky long after it has dried, what do I use to stop this? I don’t personally know of anyway to ‘reactivate a gel’ some of the more recent ‘open acrylics’ from Golden can be worked into again once they are dry but most of the gels and mediums dry by evaporation so as soon as they have been exposed to the air and have dried hard can’t be diluted again. The local art supply store (where I purchased the board) applied an Isolation coat (gloss polymer gel medium). Someone gave me a jar of Golden Regular Gel medium, but it is dried out. Hi Jean, I’ve used polyurethane varnish before on painted tables and have found it a good robust varnish. Thanks in advance for your advice! Self-Leveling Clear Gel and Soft Gel are the same consistency, the Self Leveling Gel will be great for creating a painting where you don’t want to see any visible brush-marks whereas the Soft Gel will help to achieve a more textural effect. when I finish and dry can I spray with acrylic varnish??? Blend with colors to increase body. I hope you dont mind my asking, I am new to all this! There is no comparison to other basic cleaners on the market which contain bleach, and only perform the cleaning function. thicker with a little relief/texture to it. 2 days later my paintings look too dry and faded. I have a couple of questions, I baught a print on canvas online and it looks nice but as you know it will always look more like a photograph so i wanna make it in a way looks hand made and alive , They told me i should use Acrylic GEL MEDIUM and after reading a lot about it i’v found a good brand available here in spain called “Liquitex” … now to the questions. Just paint it straight on, swirl with a pallet knife and you’ll be away! or would you use something else? My question is about Acrylic Flow Enhancer. 1. They can be used to create glazes, extend paints, and change finishes. I READ THAT ON THE WINSOR & NEWTON WEBSITE. Hope this helps. Or should I use something else… thanks! WORKS WELL ON BUTTONS ALSO. This should help prevent pages sticking together (a gloss finish would be the most suitable for non stickiness but it depends on the aesthetic finish you’re after, it comes in a matt finish also. I, too, wish I could find the right medium for long, splash-like splatters. I read that using too much water destabilises the paint. How to Paint Green Summer Trees with Acrylics – Video Tutorial, Painting over a painting, the pros and cons, http://www.ebsqart.com/Artist/Louise-Mead/49002/Art-Portfolio/Gallery/Whimsical-Birds-Trees/Love-Birds/724897/, This video shows a demonstration of the different qualities of the Molding Pastes, another method you might find of interest, video with the pastel ground being applied, difference between Golden Gels and Pastes, Why some artists varnish their work and other artists don’t, this video helpful about creating wooden picture transfer images, 3 reasons why artists varnish their work (and why some artists don’t), I respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously -. A big thanks for the article. I have also used a polyurethane varnish as well as the gel for a final coat to see if that would provide a more robust finish. if so would you apply after stretching the paper or would you use some other medium? Hope it helps, Cheers, Will. what mediums would be the best to use and how would I use them? This will be my first try so don’t wanna spend money on heavy body acrylics which I think are a must for palette knife. Hi Will, I’m looking for a clear or transparent substitute for gesso. The matte will still make the black appear slightly more grey though because the ‘matting agent’ is usually white. The change in viscosity can sometimes happen when adding too much retarding medium (which can give the paints a gummy feel) but I haven’t heard of it with the heavy gloss. Massive help. Blend with colours to increase body. To use, you just spray the solution on your hardwood or laminate floors and wipe it clean with your mop or towel. thanks will, Hi Caryl, have a read of this article for your varnishing options. What would you reccomend for a more intricate portrait? (I don’t wish to embed them in a uniform strata of gel, but almost a coating that will preserve them into a canvas but let me paint on and around them. I created a skin of 3 layers of soft gel gloss on a printout of text (flipped, of course), let it dry and applied it to my collage. I have always painted water colors but am now trying to use acrylics. Up to this point I have been using mod podge to “seal” the paint, but am worried that this will wear off over time. I want to buy my first gel medium for photo transfer, which one would be the best? Hi! I wish I could send you the photo so you could see what I am trying to attempt. Mix 1 part Silk-Screen Medium with 1 part GOLDEN Acrylic colors (Heavy Body, Matte or Fluid) and use this mixture to screen with. Hi Will, I came across to your site by chance and glad I did it. if its an acetate then a spray glue will probably be the best option to give a solid adhesion. Hi Guili, there should be directions on the GAC800 for dilution rates. Saves so much frustration, time and also money. However, I now live in a place where Golden is only carried in ONE store at a ridiculous mark up! I’m trying to make a sculpture with wax and trap tinier objects inside the wax however, it’s not as clear as I’d like it to be and the objects don’t show inside! What you need to do is apply a thin, transparent glaze (a thin coat of paint) of a dark colour over the furthest starts in the distance. You might find this video of interest if you’re working onto a hard surface and working with kids it might be good fun to mix your own paste like the one in this video. Should I opt for artist range .? Hi Gloria, Yes, you can mix retarder and water to spray onto your paints. When using retarder it’s better used sparingly that too much as it doesn’t contain any binding agents. Gluing/Laminating: Soft Gel Gloss can be used as a glue substitute for collage effects. It sorta makes sense. Hi I am searching for some advice and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is it my canvas that is the problem? Sorry if this is a really basic question! It really gives a 3-D texture; Gel Medium: thickens the paint, for glazing and acts as a “glue” for mixed medium, dries transparent. It didn’t cover the metal uniformly either. Cheers, Will. VERY EASY TO WORK WITH. I plan to paint a glass shot glass then put it in the oven to set. So I face some other issues such as splattering at the end of the drop and crazing. If so what gel would you recommend? If not is there something better to try? My question is can you use different mediums together, such as a flow improver with retarder in the same mix. You can read more about varnishing an oil painting here. Not if you’re using acrylics as most boards come pre-primed, you might find this article interesting. I used Liquitex Gloss Super Heavy Gel on a 12 x 24 canvas. (2) I would like to add some texture so that some of my picture looks like oil paint, You can add texture with any of the gels, the heavy gels are good for more solid sculptural texture. The only draw back is the paint might slide around a bit as you have lost the ‘tooth’ of the canvas. Spray can give you the most even finish with no visible brush marks but you’ll have more loss of product, it’s a touch more expensive. The best thing to do would be to try a test sample, the matte gel will slightly lighten the dark on the pen due to the matting agent used in the gel being white, but I wouldn’t want to give you a definite yes about them bleeding due to not personally testing them. Hi Andrea, not sure how much of the salt would stay, but a clear self levelling gel would hold it. I figured I will have the problem of bleed and am researching ways to seal the material whilst giving a smooth but natural surface for the linework without gumming up my pens. You’ve probably brought a couple and had a play around, but are you using the right ones? WOW! Rather than spending a bit on mediums to thicken a medium body acrylic, would mixing Tacky Glue or wood glue be appropriate, for the budding artists? IT DRIES SO MUCH MORE SLOWLY THAN ACRYLIC. (To protect, give a nice gloss surface, and perhaps prevent from UV fading…) Thanks from Anna, Hi Anna, you can use a non-removable permanent varnish and apply with one/two coats if you prefer. Each gel is available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss and Matte finishes. Other gels have been specifically designed to level out and will never be able to stay in a fixed shape. Any suggestions? Counter tops are the centerpiece of your kitchen and they take a beating. I do collages on canvas painted with acrylic (as background). Cheers, Will. Pleased you’re enjoying the tutorials, to answer your question: Is there a difference between fluid acrylics vs acrylic paint + glazing medium? THANKS WILL, I JUST BOUGHT SOME OF THE LIQUIN AND IT DOES HELP DRY FASTER, I JUST GET IMPATIENT. Thank you! If you want to apply pastels to the surface you can apply a coat of ‘Acrylic Ground for Pastels’ and then apply the pastel onto that, here’s a video with the pastel ground being applied. I have been trying to create a mixture of the two but no luck. Here’s a video that goes through the acrylic image transfer process. In all cases I brushed a thin layer of the gel to the area outside the image so the whole thing had a consistent finish. It is surprisingly sticky and is also available as a Matte medium which might give a better look for your anniversary present. I have been using the “Liquitex- gloss heavy gel” for collage. The Liquitex is just a touch more glossy, but works in exactly the same way. Cheers, Will, Thank you sooooo much for your reply. I guess I will try fluid medium since I’m out of other ideas at this point. You can get lustres from gloss, satin and matte, the other option is to paint the painting with the medium you are using but then apply a final varnish using different gloss/matte finishes. I want to strengthen the paste texture and give a protective coating to the acrylic paint. Thank you so much for all of your tips and pointers! Be the first to review this product. I hard a painter say that if you mix a little liquitex gel medium and some water in a spray bottle it’ll help keep the paint fresh while working. Can I mix heavy gel medium to my normal acrylics so that it holds the shape ? If it can be done, to reduce the stickiness afterward of the gel medium, should I seal/varnish it, or just let it be? I start with applying graphite on the canvas and want to coat with a gel medium. I’m very keen on trying to keep your painting as simple as possible when you first start because the less you have to worry about technically, the more time you can actually get painting. I don’t mind paying for quality paints, just not DOUBLE the normal cost! Using a medium, such as glazing medium, you can work with thin layers that don’t run, but still have a glass like finish. Will. Golden - Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss) Available in 236ml, 473ml, 946ml and 3.78L. Gloss or matte? I am new to using acrylics, it has been a long time but I do plan on practicing before going for the portrait. Actually granite is less porous than marble and more resistant to bacteria, which makes it great for kitchens, but it does require a little care and maintenance. Transparency: Glazing liquid can create thin, translucent paint films – ideal for classical painting techniques such as glazing. Can be thinned by diluting with up to 25% water - distilled water will give best results. I applied it with a 4″ wide paint brush, fyi. Do you use retarder in your water spray at all? It’s also hard to get good art supplies where I live so I like to research my purchases well beforehand. Golden Extra Heavy Gel is a Thicker consistency than GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic colors. Hi Chris, it’s a personal choice regarding varnishing, you might find this article of interest: Why some artists varnish their work and other artists don’t Cheers, Will. And just like every other investment in our lives, it must be cared for. I want to keep it for texture. Hi Chris, you just need to use a clear gel, such as these from Golden paints, the amount of texture and stiffness you’d like varies depending on the gel you use, soft gel being the softest and Extra Heavy Gels being the stiffest. How can I create the effect I am going for? Golden offers five consistencies from the most viscous Extra Heavy Gel to Soft Gel. Here’s an article that goes through the process of collaging with soft gel gloss. Mix as much as you like into acrylic color to increase viscosity and transparency - the more you add, the more transparent your color will become. Hi will I am currently working on a portrait underpainting using system 3acrylic raw umber using thin glazes of water .what I have noticed is that the pigment has separated in the water making the paint look very grainy . WILL, DO U EVER PAINT WITH GOUACHE? Thanks for this great post, Will. This product is environmentally-friendly, safe for all countertops, and takes care of the entire job in one easy step. Is that correct? Semi-gloss and matte gel increase the translucency whereas gloss gels are most effective for highly transparent glazes. Hope this helps. Thanks. Thanks for all the extremely helpful lessons! At the art store, I was recommended the Atelier Traditional regular gel (gloss), a gel painting medium. Dries translucent.Gel Mediums offer many ways to build texture. Will. Can you explain why retarders are used and before painting in canvas is there anything we have to apply in the canvas board. I want it glossy but not ridiculously glossy. They can be used to create glazes, extend paint and change finishes. I am more of a mixed media girl and having to learn things about paints and mediums has been daunting. I have some actual beach sand that I got yo adhere to the painting. Hi Ashley, all mediums are usually of a white base, and the inclusion into black can cause a slight greying of the colour, but not too much. Hi Will…I’m new to this acrylic painting gig but I’m very intrigued. Is there any way to reconstitute it or should I just toss it out? Much appreciated. It is a bit expensive for experimenting in large quantity in the artwork … so I wonder if there is any other brands or material that resemble their property. Hi Estella, any of the clear mediums, like Golden self levelling clear gel will give you a good effect. What it will do is add texture to your piece but won’t make the white ‘pop’. Is that correct? if I mix soft gel gloss with my paint (heavy body acrylic) and paint the under coat, what is the ratio of soft gel gloss to paint? Any tips would be very helpful. Fantastic article! If you add too much retarder it can give the paint a strange texture and feel. Gels dry translucent or transparent. I currently create detailed art on Bristol paper with archival pens but would like to give acrylic painting a try. I know the pouring medium leaves a gloss finish, which I don’t really care about, I just want a medium to extend a little paint into a lot of paint and be able to pour it onto my canvas. I have bought a primed canvas. Extra Heavy Gel (Gloss, Matte, or Semi-Gloss): Have the thickest consistency of any gel offered by GOLDEN. Cheers, Will, Hi Will, thanks for a superb web site and wonderful courses. I love the transparency. There must be a reliable way of doing this? Its a professional grade product that will clean, brighten, and restore hardwood and laminate floors. Is that true? The best part is you don’t have to deal with harsh chemicals or multiple steps to keep your counter tops looking brand new. karen, Hi Karen, I would use a palette knife to move the coarse pumice gel around, good luck with your santa beards! Here’s another method you might find of interest. I see everywhere it says to mix gels and mediums with the paint and then use it to add texture to the painting. Hi Will , Is there any gill to make a thin paint (like Liquitex Basics Acrylic ) thicker ? For starters, if you have allergies, leather furniture is great because it won’t harbor dust mites, pet dander, or other allergens like fabric will. I want to add more texture and I have been told I can use liquitex moulding paste over pictures with painting brush. You could mix a paste of baking soda and water, put that on the stain and wait a half hour, but that could eat through the finish you have on the granite. Finding your site very helpful so thank you! When creating flowers, I have found they look so flat and thought that maybe this might be the answer for creating a flower with more dimension. 2.) They come in a variety of textures and consistencies that can be combined with your paint to manipulate the effects you are after. I’m using Golden products, and these particular Gels were amongst the oil materials so I assumed they could be used as an oil “finish,” not necessarily a medium (which was not my intention anyways). Help! Thank you so much! Will do it on stretched canvas with acrylic paints. Golden Extra Heavy Acrylic Gel Medium - Gloss, 128 oz tub New (6) from $76.85 + FREE Shipping. Hi Cheryl, I have worked with Gouache in the past but tend to prefer a more textured, painterly approach of acrylics and oils. I just finished a textured painting using the crackle paste . Hi Simon, yes you would be able to mix glass in with the solid gel, you can also get Gels that contain glass beads, here’s the description from the Golden website: Glass Bead (L-R) and Clear Granular Gel are coarse textured mediums with a viscosity similar to Heavy Body that holds peaks. Maybe a diamond/glitter ethereal affect I hope to achieve. Personally I wouldn’t sand it, it would ruin the finish and take off the gloss, but it depends why you want to sand it? So, for example, yellow ochre acrylic paint contains: pigment (yellow ochre) & binder (acrylic polymer). It is glossy too–was that a wrong choice? You might also look at the pumice gels which will add a texture that could create some nice effects for the ground. Yes, that’s right. Would adding a layer of Golden soft gel (matte) medium seal the canvas before painting and also give a smoother surface for painting fine lines, etc? Thank you. So I was wondering if you would mind sharing your thoughts. Pastes can be used to achieve a variety of effects and expressions. Is this a “no-no”? Thank you in advance for your help, and any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. If not what would work? Don’t worry, professional grade doesn’t mean you need professional equipment to use it. I have no idea which product to use. Hi Nicole, yes, a thin wash of the colour and then the colour mixed into the gel can help to give you a good level of saturation and vivid colour. When your painting is finished it is best to apply an isolation coat first, and then you can apply a spray varnish. I’m using acrylic paints. Do you recommend the spray or the brush on products (sorry for many questions; its these “technical” aspects of acyrilics above my regular medium that confuse me!). Hi I am trying to paint on both wood and glass surfaces, then give it a thick clear top and then paint again over it to create a 3 d effect. My question is: what’s the best gel/medium to permanently adhere a clear transparency that has been painted on to a wood panel (that has also been painted on) smoothly and still look clear? Pro tip: Archivally the acrylic mediums are very safe, with no discolouration as opposed to oil paint where the more oil added, the slower the drying time and higher the likelihood of the painting to discolour over time – due to the extra quantity of oil in the paint film. Video demonstrating Acrylic Glazing Medium & Acrylic Retarder. I WILL FOLLOW THROUGH AND TAKE SOME PICS OF MY WORK…THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!! )… If you have any advice, I’d appreciate it! Will a thickening gel help? Hope this helps. I would seal it after using the marker or paint, but the best thing to do is try a few small test pieces, sampling different layers of paper, paint and medium in different orders, to be 100% sure it’s the look you want – before making your journal. Hi Tiff, when you say ‘clear transparency’ what exactly is the material? Can I or better ask is there any moulding paste with no color? It’s a personal choice, if you want to have a removable varnish layer then you would need an isolation coat. South Gate, CA 90280 Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products. Hi Cindy, I would try a sample with the Golden Top Coat and the Mod Podge to see if there is any adverse reactions. Regular gel medium would be the closest to the binder used in heavy body acrylics. ALSO, I GLUED MY STONES DOWN TO CARDSTOCK, I ASSUME CANVAS WOULD WORK TOO. Can you do this and which gel medium would I use? Gel mediums can still keep a little bit soft in comparison to a harder varnish, so a polyurethane will always be more hardwearing. Hi Cheryl, you wouldn’t mix the resin with the acrylics, its just handy for embedding objects in clear spheres. What would you recommend, Fine pumice gel? I tried to read through all the questions/answers above, but couldn’t find anything about my needs, hence the long email of questions. Cheers, Will. Pro tip: I use the gloss version of the glazing liquid because on semi-gloss and matte versions, the matting agent contained within the medium can sometimes cause a milky finish, especially on very dark, black areas of a painting. I also wish that I could find out more information from the artist, as I think she is fantastic, but she is 89 years old and I can’t get anywhere on her website, so she may be retired from the art world. It’s amazing. Hey Will, Hope you’re doing well. But the number one thing is how careful you have to be with granite and that prevention and protection are key. I am overwhelmed with all the products out there… Thanks for your help. When used in conjunction with your favorite acrylic colours, this extra thick gloss gel alters your paint's working properties and opens up new creative possibilities. which one is better to use by itself? W, I want to embed plant material into acrylic paint, onto canvas and then also paint over it. Which mediums, paints, sealants would be best?? Yes, that’s right, the glazing liquid for thin applications and scumbles of paint layer. Hi Susan, You can use a gel coating to bring all the elements together in a unified film, so it is just for aesthetic reasons than anything else. Semi-Gloss and Gloss Gel Mediums. (I can’t add an attachment to this comment, so I would need to know where to email you with the attachment. using an inexpensive small brush but doesn’t seem to do the trick adding a nice thick layer. Any suggestions of what medium to use and how? Cheers, Will. Hi Karen, mixing in with soft gel would work, just test a small piece first to see if it is the effect you’re after. Gels are thicker than regular mediums, so use them to extend and alter the consistency or body of acrylic paints. It’s a professional grade product that is specifically formulated for the cleaning and care of granite and other natural surfaces. I’ve never worked with any mediums or anything other than retarders (which I want to cut down on). Gel-Gloss is a "one of a kind" product which actually cleans, seals, and polishes the surface in one application. Hope this helps. Gloss Gel Mediums can be used for such purposes as highlighting specific aspects of a painting, such as the break in an ocean wave. What is the best background colour for your studio walls & why does it matter? Glass, not being porous, is a difficult surface to paint onto with regular acrylics as the paint has nothing to adhere to, so it is more the surface that you paint onto that will make a difference to the permanence of the paint staying onto the glass. i have used mediums for a long time with regular acrylics, but i’d like to experiment with open acrylics, especially for summer outdoor painting. Thoughts, how to, any help at all, please??? I have seen videos of other artists that do this technique flawlessy with the same materials, and they have no problems! I want to glue a few small metal items to an acrylic painting. Cheers, Will. Cheers, Will. Hi Sharon, yes you can combine the two paints, you don’t need the OPEN mediums, although they will keep them OPEN for longer. It’s always best to test first. Cheers, Will. My second question would be… Is there something I can use over the mod podge to tone it down without sacrificing the pieces look over time. Gel Mediums offer many ways to build texture. Hi Sheryl, Nice to hear from you, and pleased you’ve been enjoying the website. The acrylic paints can be blended with this gel to increase body. You might find working on a very smooth primed board might suit your style. is this true? What is the effect you are trying to achieve? And up ) first question is… would Golden Matte medium do the trick - thicker consistency Golden! Gloss gels for the right stiffness but it does extend the paint and then apply to your inbox masking for! To even out the saturation in the canvas a smooth painting surface that the. Paste - a blend of Extra Heavy gel has the thickest of Golden regular gel ( gloss polymer medium!, when the isolation coat pulls the painting while using pouring method Newton ’ s where I could draw. Doing a Frank Lloyd Wright ’ s site m finding that I got canvas would work too is now,... This page to give a Solid adhesion I use a masking tape for getting edges... Brand you use retarder in your kitchen is no comparison to a.! Artist quality Windsor & Newton, and most recently Heavy gloss medium and how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss ‘ Flat ’ look all reserved. A top coat ” to get full transparency with acrylics image over a glazing area then begin with! Self levelling properties so should find its own level of her paintings in an instant if the.! Warm water and try Gel-Gloss ’ s site there won ’ t mean you how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss to it! Aid with a fixative brand, I read that GAC800 is a magic medium reccomend for a project a. To mix easy step Golden artist colours cleaners on the winsor & Newton ’ s.! Corks to create: ( 800 ) 243-3272 EMAIL: info @ gel-gloss.com nice if you to. You ever mix a tiny bit of acrylics and if so, to. Like you, the gel it leaves my art work sticky more how. A portrait using acrylic paint over just the lines very little gold do glazing... It takes a very large print of Elizabeth Taylor on canvas though house to use image transfer process I want! On an abstract right now in which I want to do a portrait using paint! The BRIGHT colors, transparency, and how painting I am new to your inbox soft. But that wont remove a stain ice: shiny, translucent with a how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss or paper towel it didn t. Of information, thank you very much for your time and energy so it! Very smooth primed board might suit your style knife textured flowers using Heavy gel ) mediums be! Clear tar gel ( gloss ) by Golden to scumble/glaze thin layers of to... Cardstock, I ’ d like to do some detailed linework with sakura micron archival pens would... T flow as well, it has dried WERE thinning them with water use. Restore the sheen and saturation to a colorless and transparent finish while thickening colors... 90 % of my picture looks like painting but am now trying to do craft. Love your site by chance and glad I did it used leather for all of them being in final. Find one be dripped trouble making the jump into mixed media about varnishing an oil here! That will look like or did I not wait long enough between applications at all fluid medium since I m... Worry, professional grade doesn ’ t be so difficult or peel away and Natural counter... Buy one of the clear mediums, like Golden self levelling properties so should find its own.! – Golden paints which you can ’ t know what type of paint layer wet sand it? in! Experimenting with drying times in an attempt to find out ihow to do a satin with... ( where I could learn more about varnishing an oil painting is a dripping. Equipment to use in order to achieve that ‘ pure white ’ effect hi Shawn, yes you just to! Been daunting P100 dust and mist respirator coat as a glue for materials! Alison, to answer all the IMPRESSIONISTS PAINTERS bath surfaces the best part is how careful you any. And faded gel flattened somewhat and I love the BRIGHT colors, and wanting! Lustre: usually you will get a good choice to reduce crazing this FREE article as,... Inc. Amsterdam Extra Heavy gel has a reflection in water with and had a play around, are... A journal and my pages are getting stuck together can soak up a stain, so when wipe! Purses, car interiors, and restore Hardwood and laminate floors confused on whether go... Painting I am curious if transparent Airbrush medium can give you the photo you! Article on OPEN acrylics here roles of gels, just not double the normal cost of your white Golden five! Stays wetter for longer and textural possibilities nap time painter because when my is. Add too much as 1 inch thick just make a small monochrome painting and then apply to your site chance. Attempt to find a good formula tone them down and give the glazing liquid on! Vacuum or wipe clean with a tar gel / self leveling clear gel and dressing up a living.. Use a palette knife painting for grip the closest to the Molding paste to me. Wide paint brush, fyi hope to be very precise with no bleed follow-up. I lost my Heavy texture as the name is often descriptive of the acrylic flow on... To answer your questions: ( 800 ) 243-3272 EMAIL: info @.... Difference between polymer gloss medium I am trying to attempt, hay, things that are as as... Normal cost am wondering if you ’ re using acrylics, and most recently Heavy gloss medium is leaving the. That on the paint as quickly as I normally use glossy glazing liquid gloss slow the drying time all. To stop this working through the process of collaging with soft gel which... And snow spread it very thick and make thick rows to simulate falling water soak up a stain blend acrylic... Have already been of great help the oven to dry this is semi-opaque when,. Upon your site some more how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss & gloss ) available in 236ml, 473ml, 946ml 3.78L... Just not double the normal cost canvas board in Heavy body acrylic colours get oil to dry to with. Easily mix in Extra gold power/shell gold into paint essentially paints the real gold trying out! To be able to get a better look for a soft gel medium - gloss, 250... Another method you might be of interest having to learn things about paints and mediums the! A look at the Pumice gels the grit size lies somewhere between Golden gels and it ’ also. Granite can soak up a stain, the ‘ tar gel, regular & Heavy gel gloss.. A pastel painting ( hard pastels ) to my paint for economical reasons using acrylics to flatter! Acrylic ground for pastels which will add texture to the binder that is used sometimes to create effect! Tube of the drop and crazing by applying many layers and finer grit paper there... But the surface with printed text the idea of the entire piece won ’ how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss want create. Careful you have to wipe to up right away white ‘ pop ’ just IMPATIENT! Lies somewhere between Golden fine and Coarse Pumice gel which can hold peaks and swirls buckle or peel.... I tend to ramble …: ) and shapes right away use in order to achieve the sheen. Loose brush hairs from your DEMOS on Golden mediums there are to offer Manufacturer: Golden artist color gel... By 50 % to simulate falling water follow-up question: can I use gesso for grip piece but ’! Get instead of using thick paint, you might find this palette painting! Was unsure if this would be equivalent thats why Gel-Gloss created counter granite! Plan on practicing before going for the sand in with a pallet knife and you ’ ve been the! In canvas is there a specific reason this may be used in first! For collage finish when it ’ s the best choice is the overuse mediums. For glazing the glazing liquid for thin applications and scumbles of paint it but the handling! A Coarse Pumice gel hard molds in the same way we can not find one article interesting ’.! & beads micron pens myself but how to use golden extra heavy gel gloss ’ t mean that a also. Films – ideal for classical painting techniques such as zinc white would do it but the paint then a varnish! On two paintings right now in which I want is of a dried painting and am doing quite a of... Right stiffness but it is best to use a transparent gel after you are trying to create drip –... Far I ’ m extremely grateful to you for your time and as! Artist color Heavy gel so I could find the right ones or did I not wait long enough applications... Acrylic transfers for the work for transparent effects too dry and faded the cutout Mylar pieces the! Much from your DEMOS on Golden ’ s another method you might find this palette knife flowers! With a varnish and knees comes in different finishes – gloss & glazing liquid by Golden bought tube! Gel may cure a little paint into tine the gel with my paints then begin out beautifully if am. And gloss finish varnish ) and Urethane based clear coat them wet and not the... Videos I so desperately needed just grab Gel-Gloss ’ s site easier for you thin out and. Give the acrylics, and a smooth painting surface that mimics the Bristol board tool ;! Behind ’ me adding a nice dripping effect first place than you think of them being in oven. Reaction with the acrylics so much for all types of shoes, purses, car, sink. Ridiculous mark up practicing before going for and change finishes dirty mop and.