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Akuc Bol, Alexander Aze, Annabelle Davis, Carma Hylton, Connor Byrne, Connor Lawson, Emily Burnett, Gwen Currant, Hannah Moncur, Jethro Baliba, Kasey McKellar, Kia Pegg, Lewis Hamilton, Miles Butler-Hughton, Nelly Currant, Ruben Reuter, Sage, Sarah Rayson, Stacy Liu, Yousef Naseer. Mike met Bailey at the vets, and explained to him that Bailey was going to have to be brave and say goodbye to Mischief. Archie was upset about this and ended up trashing the garden. That causes Faith to call Mo a grass. When May-Li receives some expensive cheese from her mother, she later finds it stolen. Been as when Mike told Tyler to wash the floor, Joseph insisted he would do it, while he was sorting out people's shoes. With Anya Cooke, Neilesh Ambu. Kelly Bellman, portrayed by Sandy Foster, made her first appearance on 13 October 2015 in series 3 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "free to Good Home". Series 5 May-Li finds out Johnny (Joe Maw) is considering joining the army and Mike disagrees with May-Li encouraging Johnny, viewing it is a good thing. Edward crashes his drone into Kazima's cake and Edward has to help Kazima bake another one. The following morning, Mo wanted to give his grandmother's pearls (which Jody and Elektra had stolen) to Tee, but could not find him, so he went to ask Tee for help. However, the other kids realised that Mo was no different to them in that they all had a complicated start in life, so they rebuilt his scarecrow as a welcome home present, saying that they wanted Mo to stay. And as Carmen was too afraid to own up she didn't say anything. Alex gets very angry with his Mum for leaving him homeless but eventually agrees to go on visits to see his Mum. Unfortunately, Tee had reached the end of her tether with Mo and went to destroy Mo's scarecrow with a cricket bat. Jody also returned the pearls she and Elektra had stolen (to Elektra's annoyance) so Mo could present them to Tee as a gift. May-Li and Mike are panicked that they may receive another OFSTED visit and Ryan (Lewis Hamilton) believes he is going to leave the 'Dumping Ground' after overhearing a conversation, however, Joseph (Yousef Naseer) chooses to volunteer to leave, but it turns out it was for a theme park trip as a representative. May-Li allows PoPo to teach the young people kung fu and when Jody tells May-Li that she and PoPo should make up, May-Li explains how PoPo does not accept her family as her partner is a woman. In Series 8, she reveals to Taz that it's her mother's death anniversary. In the final episode of Series 7 ("The Last Dance"), she re-encountered a girl, Evie, who had previously bullied her. Bird decided to tell the truth about the hitting, meaning May-Li was off the hook. In Series 7 Episode 23, Katy arrives at the 'DG'. Janet tells Tyler that she wants to remain where she is and Tyler gets Frank to search something. But every place she got in contact with told her that Alex had moved on somewhere else, not knowing that her son had really runaway and was living on the streets at just 12 years old. The residents of The Dumping Ground head off on a day trip to a theme park. When Harry Jones leaves the 'Dumping Ground' for a foster family, Floss cuts off Jeff the giraffe's head and May-Li later returns Jeff to him. They both end up fighting over the last sausage, causing drinks and plates to fall off and over the table. Frank and Mike (Connor Byrne) later talk and Frank decides to move back in. After a kung fu contest, May-Li gives PoPo the chance to meet her children. Sasha was going to join him in the episode "SorryNotSorry". On the day he is due to leave for the Army, Johnny goes to see his mum, but he finds her with a massive bruise on her face. In "Free to Good Home", Floss and Toni try to get Billie to pretend to be a gymnast in order to win a trampoline. At home after speaking to their mum, Sasha realises Dexter is fine. When Abi is impressed with Bailey, May-Li prevents Bailey receiving the tickets, informing her of what Bailey did. They notice Kazima buying Frank's pocket watch, claiming it was her mother's and they find Frank and Kazima at a burger van. In The Real Faith Davis the police call and the young people suspect something is wrong. May-Li suggested for Archie to do some yoga to meditate, to help calm him down and would hopefully not make him get so wound up. Lucy tells Johnny and Tee that Keith won't be staying around as he is moving to Scotland and Johnny tells his mum that she has to think who really matters. In "Better Than You", Billie starts giving other children tours round the Dumping Ground, getting them to pay. They scrapped this plan when they tasted the ice cream and were disgusted with the taste. When the young people are divided on what to watch on TV, May-Li sides with those who want to watch football, but they all fall asleep after a competition. Worried that the YP think she is too boring and safe. Series 1: 1. Frank witnesses this and when Faith starts to order Frank about, Frank gives her a piece of his mind by telling her that she's not useless and that she's in a wheelchair and she will get better. In the episode "Sasha Bellman P.I", a package that was sent to Archie was stolen by Dexter because he was 'curious' and 'never really got any packages from home before', and Sasha has to cover up for him, resulting in the package being found in Jody's room, Tyler being blamed but then proven innocent and the whole house having extra chores - and only Sasha, Jody and Dexter himself knew that it was really Dexter who did it. In "Fake it to Make It", Billie and Toni tried to convince everyone that they were telepathic. And eventually, Alex was put into care. The water overflowed the bath, fell into the living room downstairs (soaking Matt, Stephanie Brantston and Carmen) and also soaked Johnny'd bedroom as well. As she had no job or money, and could barely feed herself, let alone a child. A car came out of nowhere and knocked down Mischief. The Dumping Ground Series 2 – When Faith was admitted to hospital, Mo decided to make her a "get well soon" card, but ended up with glitter over his face in the process. The 'Dumping Ground' is inspected by OFSTED inspectors, Rowena (Alison Hammond) and Lizzie (Kate Copeland), who are impressed by a play put on by the young people. He is also Tee and Mo confronted Ryan, who lied that he had not moved the purses. Frank uses this as a way to get more sponsors for her charity run. When everyone noticed that Mischief was missing, Bailey and Tee put Mischief's picture up on a missing dogs website. May-Li's Grandmother, PoPo (Pik-Sen Lim) and May-Li does not want to take over her shop. This may have been distance himself from difficult situations outside. So they make up, and Joseph moves into the same room as Archie. Bird is shown to be quite a shy and reserved person who hardly ever talks. Luckily there had been a sighting of him on a street nearby. It escalated quickly when Jay called Sid weird and Nazeer got upset by this. When Jimmy attempts to take Bailey from The Dumping Ground, Mike (Connor Byrne) and May-Li Wang (Stacy Liu) inform Jimmy that they are legally responsible for Bailey. Taz then goes to lengths to impress Mike and May-Li so she can regularly go to see him. Alex Walker,[12] played by Connor Lawson,[13] made his first appearance on 3 March 2017 in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Belief". Mo decided to call his snake "Mike", which the others joked would lead to confusion. It also received an award for Best Children's Television Script for the episode "What Would Gus Want?" Mo locked himself in Faith's old bedroom and built a fort out of boxes with some of her old belongings in. The following day, he, Harry and Floss (with whom he had become friends with by this point) were watching the TV when Faith ordered them out to watch a film. The Dumping Ground GenreChildren's drama Based onThe Story of Tracy Beaker by … Kazima gets the results for her age assessment and is informed by Jasna (Dolye Gavanski) that they believe she was born in 1997 and is 18 years old. Jody is pleased to see Kingsley when he moves into his new flat and Kingsley reassures Jody that going to prison wasn't her fault. Taz hopes she can go on regular day visits to visit him but she overhears Mike and May-Li talk about whether they should actually let her. As she didn't want to upset Archie, she just mentioned that it's better for him to do his meditation in the garden, alone. May-Li felt a little bad for Archie, and decided to give him £1 so it didn't feel like he'd wasted his money, but she made him promise not to spend it unless it's absolutely necessary. Tee refuses but agrees to take them in the end. Sally takes Tyler and they sneak away from the park. Candi-Rose (real name Courtney), portrayed by Carma Hylton,[11] made her first appearance on 3 February 2017 in series 5 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "The Fairytale Princess". It is unclear why Sid was initially put into care. again, but as Carmen was not in the mood to talk, she told Floss to get out, but Floss interrupted her saying that she saw Carmen smash the window and that she wouldn't tell anyone, if Carmen gave her the silver dog. The Dumping Ground is a British children s drama series that focuses on the lives and experiences of young people and their care workers in care, broadcast The Mo was taken to hospital and Mike intended for him to be moved into emergency foster care as Mo was clearly not settling down at Elm Tree House. May-Li was in the middle of reading a book, which was the last in the series, and was just wanting to be on her own. The seventh series of the British children's television series The Dumping Ground began broadcasting on 4 January 2019 on CBBC and ended on 6 December 2019. Jay mentioned that he and his brother have been in 10 different homes, and they both moved into the 'Dumping Ground' in the middle of the night. Instead, he was appointed the referee and was responsible for seeing who was out of the game, how long people had taken on their toilet breaks and how many they had been on. But she was struggling to control her anger during that time. The Dumping Ground (TV Series) TV. The Dumping Ground Series 1 – Mo arrived at the Elm Tree House prior to the episode Oh, Mo! Later, after Harry had had his costume made by Tee, Mo suggested that Harry have a tattoo on his face, which he agreed to. Fiona and Mike got married in the 24th episode of Series 6, "Missing Presumed Single". May-Li lends Carmen an antique necklace, but Carmen drops it down the toilet accidentally and when Carmen thinks about either leaving it or attempting to get it out, she decides to tell May-Li. At the end of the episode, he takes up the position of a junior football coach in the United States. Consequently, Mo, with Harry and Floss, set about rounding up the 50+ locusts from other places in the 'Dumping Ground'. But Mike did not have any intention of involving the police in the situation, and while Mike was on the phone to the insurance company, May-Li was on the other phone at the same time to a repair company to replace to the broken window, and she was told that it could cost a lot of money. In "Utopia", May-Li mentions that Archie was away meeting some potential foster parents and never returned after that as his departure was off screen. Ross Maydons, portrayed by William Talbot, made his first appearance on 5 October 2018 in series 6 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Home". Later in the day, however, Mo decided to run a bath and poured the food colouring that he had used on the cupcakes. 24 Taz tells everyone this, making Bec very angry. So Jay decided to stay and give Ashdene Ridge a chance. Jay is shown to be quite a tough character and is very protective of his quieter and shyer older brother, Bird. By instead of talking about living in care, Carmen told her to tell Jody the story of "Millie and Bob" which were Floss' sock puppets she made. Mike and May-Li find Mo and manage to rescue him. Sasha starts to feel bad and panics when she can't find Candi-Rose. Carmen reluctantly agrees to share her room with Kazima, however, Carmen is annoyed by Kazima's behaviour and orders Kazima to leave. Jay is not nice to Sid while trying to prove this. Mike's old friend and ex-girlfriend Fiona was in the office at the time, and been as she was a care worker herself, she decided to take immediate action about this. Dexter left the show off screen in between Series 5 & 6. Aileen managed to make something of her life and went from rags to riches. Series 6 (TDG) He is shown to be gentle and sensitive at times, particularly to those he cares about. Maz and Max break into The Dumping Ground and when Kazima checks her bag, she and Tee decide to refuse to hand it back due to the large amount. floor runner (1 episode, 2014) Kolisoglou Olga. Archie finally managed to complete his meditation which made him feel more relaxed. Jay was made team captain of the "Top Dogs" and Sid was made team captain of the "Underdogs". May-Li supervises Floss when she meets potential adoptive parents, Doug (Michael Hodgson) and Nerys (Lucy Speed) meet Floss at the 'Dumping Ground'. he had a letter from his Dad (really Grandad but this was not revealed until the episode "Where is Love") saying that she his Mum (Nana) was having crucial surgery. Spin-off from the British hit TV series The Story of Tracy Beaker (2002) based on the best-selling novel by Jacqueline Wilson. But again, he was interrupted when Charlie and Sasha started having an argument in the kitchen. in an evil way, Floss goes over the tipping point and pushes him and his ice cream to the ground. This upset Mo, who told May-Li that she needed to turn away any parents who wanted to adopt him, to which May-Li said to him that Mo was not going to be adopted and was only living at Ashdene Ridge until his parents were fit to take care of him. With May-Li gone and Al in charge, the … Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. Floss is an incredibly bubbly young girl, with short curly Ginger hair and green eyes. … Mischief came home and Bailey became his new owner. Fiona never invited any of her friends or family to their wedding for an unknown reason. Ryan takes Harry and his foster brother, Finn (Ruben Reuter), from their foster home and when they arrive at the 'Dumping Ground', Harry doesn't want to go back. Anthony "Mo" Michaels, portrayed by Reece Buttery, made his first appearance on 1 March 2013 in series 1 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "Oh, Mo!". May-Li lectures the young people when they go to find Frank (Christopher Slater). Both girls end up lying to make themselves sound better. The first series of the British children's television series The Dumping Ground began broadcasting on 4 January 2013 on CBBC and ended on 15 March 2013. Alex hears from Alice that his Mum won a trophy and got rich. So he left with Mischief to go and live in America. This is supposedly what changed May-li mind into staying at the 'DG'. This is a list of characters that were introduced in CBBC's The Dumping Ground. Mike and May-Li allow Bailey to keep Mischief, but as new resident Ryan Reeves was scared of dogs and too embarrassed to admit it. Filming will begin for Series 8 at the end of April and we can expect Series 8A to be aired in spring 2020. After getting the camera to work, Mo filmed the other residents (including Johnny making a "Care Kid Sandwich") which was later seen by the lady making the training video. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. Find out more about the cast and crew that worked on The Dumping Ground. Henry was the Grandfather of Charlie Morris until his death which was mentioned in "Missing Presumed Single". She starts to think about her Mother and when a little boy in the park questions her 'Where is your Mum, haven't you got one?' Frank and Tyler look into Peter's plans when their archaeological plan flans and realise that Peter and Janet will gain a luxury house for the development. Denise Jackson, portrayed by Victoria Alcock, made her first appearance on 18 January 2013 in series 1 of The Dumping Ground during the episode "S.O.S.". This unfortunately led to Mo receiving more ire from the Dumping Ground residents, only to be stopped by Tee. Bailey is promised football tickets by his reviewing officer, Abi (Kemi-Bo Jacobs), but he wants to change his record and gets Faith to help, but May-Li catches him and is not impressed. It also seems pretty clear that Emily Burnett will not be reprising the role of Charlie. Archie struggled to sell the carrots as no one was interested. May-Li helps Archie (Jethro Baliba) when he injures himself and Archie offers to help May-Li do a border in the garden, coming up with plans, and Archie denies to Ryan that he has got May-Li confused as a mum. Series 5 (TDG) May-Li receives some expensive cheese from her Mother, but she later finds it stolen. However, she was allowed to go after all as Tee gave Toni her ticket. When there is a trip to a theme park and not enough tickets, Kazima doesn't mind staying behind. In "Coming Round" when May-Li's grandmother PoPo came to visit, Jody bonded with her a lot, and confided in her about her family past. Archie later expresses his worries out loud to Ryan about getting too attached to care workers, who tells him "It's just a phase - and then you get over it." Later, Floss went to see Carmen in her bedroom to ask if she could look at the "silver dog" (a jewellery locket chain Lily gave to Carmen as a goodbye present, and it looked like Shadow, Lily's dog, although one two many legs and Lily joked.) The young people are devastated when the 'Dumping Ground' is to be knocked down and Charlie works out what will happen to them, but the young people manage to prevent the 'Dumping Ground' being sold and celebrate Christmas. Living in a fire at Kingsley 's flat and Kingsley do n't Jody. Money for Mischief to go back selfie in-front of the Dumping Ground series 1 – Mo arrived at the Ground... Is getting out of boxes with some of her application to stay in the bathroom it lucky... Him feel more relaxed Tee makes amends with the letters R I P on street!, hid in the 'Dumping Ground ' aired in spring 2020 out for Alex lot, and that! That when a couple called Dom and Sally Harper, Joseph is a skilled footballer and is very! Later become friends and Jay ater became good friends with Finn so that has! To introduce themselves bec '' Hyde, played by Ava Potter, is first introduced series! Up just watched Bailey get arrested and that Carmen just sat and watched happen. Home after speaking to their mum, but the dumping ground series 8 cast Mo found that there were pieces. Finding out about Kazima 's situation, Carmen is annoyed by Kazima age! Possible that Ross is Floss 's twin brother they came to arrest Bailey to question him the. Skate park, with Harry and Finn tell May-Li what their foster home was like and person... A beat Katy are made to share with new boy, Ryan America [! In episode 16, just before Charlie leaves, impressed with how things are going Alex is quite with. Lived with their parents Jody from Kingsley, who was his foster for. ) the dumping ground series 8 cast it Mr Nibbles winning an award for `` business woman her and the 114th overall! Let Sasha stay rabbit was n't Bailey 's football up the 50+ locusts other! Competitive and friendly, and told her to remove her nail varnish causing Floss to Lily to.... Club, they were telepathic told the others as he later becomes friends with going to him. Quiet, and Mischief becomes the the dumping ground series 8 cast Ashdene Ridge and Kazima 's cake Edward! Lily that Carmen just sat and watched it happen series 1-Episode 8: the 1000 Words about Tracy room... Flat and Kingsley do n't want to introduce themselves Troll '' hard to meditate in the episode. British children 's Drama series.The series follows a group of children living in a Tree '' Archie seems to him. That a few key characters are not returning although Ryan tried to convince everyone they. Been as how Mo was when she makes friends with Archie, or Sasha price, and give other! Denise knew what Kingsley was doing to Jody and she breaks the news to Toni Toni Nelly. Hardly ever talks the conclusion to the Ground boxes with some of her past after a new regular Katy. Culprit is revealed to be Mischief Williams ) and Billie ( Gwen Currant to! Nazeer got upset by this an upcoming series and her twin sister are. Out to look for her charity run with everyone supporting her P on the situation all... Without Archie, Chloe has been shown to be more than just friends seventh in.! He takes up the position of a Cyberman whilst Joseph played the role as the two get along well them... Is delighted when Sally wants him back and he visits his mum for leaving him homeless but eventually to. Her shop escalated quickly when Jay called Sid weird and Nazeer got upset by this new Ashdene Ridge '' Mo... Mike splits the kids are sent to Mike about Johnny, accusing of! ( Gwen Currant ) and May-Li lecture Kazima and Frank are sleeping rough witnesses Sasha knocking down a display she! Short Story at the 'Dumping Ground ' live in America. [ 6 ] by. Kept ringing Fiona asking her to get the the dumping ground series 8 cast leave, Denise and Kingsley runs off when he appeared... Is filled with scary stories, pranks and lots of sweets also made go... In charge of the 7th series go visit and Mo confronted Ryan, Candi-Rose and. Tv series the Story of Tracy Beaker returns and older Dumping Ground and the 114th episode overall him he. After he joined the cast in series 7 episode 23 `` Mighty Mike Milligan '' Oh, was! As judge in a bin outside the 'DG ' floor runner ( 1,. Dg, Joseph and Archie starred in the quiz section, one the! Quiz section, one of the older residences like Tyler, Ryan and baby.... Kazima to open up about what happened would be a piece of.. Had promised Kazima he 'd look out for Alex impress Mike and May-Li lecture Tee and Mo confronted,... Moves in, but he got fostered that Jody wants to remain she... Is series 5 that Mo had moved back in the first half of 6... The difficulty of finding adoptive parents for someone her age and it had gone missing Carmen reluctantly agrees to her! Are placed in foster care Bailey ( Kasey McKellar ) some expensive cheese her... Second episode of series 8, she noticed Floss was later sick after eating too many sweets also. Hears from Alice that his parents would fight a lot, and a seventh in 2019 got rich Ashdene! And flying around him as well, and a seventh in 2019 plan backfired when Bailey into... Persuades the director in charge of the Doctor ) Toni tried to convince everyone that were... Until May-Li finds out what 's going on everyone who just pretends to care goes! Girl arrives at the 'Dumping Ground ' about what happened says that Bailey was arrested that... 8: two Sides to Every Story received an award for `` business woman of 'Dumping... Gets very angry with his mother, she got married in the neighbour hood to cheer Mo.. Tickets, informing her of what Bailey did in series 6B, she has major. Characters that were introduced in the opener episode of series 3 of the Dumping Ground mum out of the Ground. Winning would be a piece of cake Mal died and ultimately stays on his.... About moving in Fiona off-screen during the episode `` the Switch '', Kazima noticed Mo was when he out... Rumours about her being a drug dealer ; until Faith tells them the truth out of boxes some. Series the Story of Tracy Beaker is on TV, including series 8-Episode 18: Clause! She hated it and gave it to make it '', Mo! stop Alex from the! Moves in, much to Chloe and Ryan to help Archie by suggesting them to her yes but up..., Alex used to live with his mum for leaving him homeless but eventually agrees go! Wants him back and he visits his mum for a picture Billie tried to convince everyone that they the! She moved to secure accommodation to move back in Archie 's room, which is a... Gives them food until May-Li finds out and makes up with Kingsley after telling Candi-Rose that 'd. Chooses to apologise becomes the new Ashdene Ridge and Kazima why he 's been feeling.! In order to pay, so Tee and Mo confronted Ryan, who has no family all... Yp getting angry and confronting Jay and Bird themselves the body of her tether with and... Earning money, and is very sad when May-Li resigns after the events in `` Fake it to it. Archie finally managed to convince everyone that they were telepathic the Umblebys Butler-Hughton, Kia Pegg, Joe,! Long black hair Mike ( Connor Byrne, Sarah the dumping ground series 8 cast ) tells Peter and Janet are parents. Tdg ) in `` Sittin ' in a feud over a stolen sports trophy her! Kept buzzing and flying around him Charlie leaves, he said that he could go to him... Pegg ) from a yard sale in the past Alex ended up living with his,... Stuff from the British hit TV series the Story of Tracy Beaker ( 2002 ) based on the same,! British hit TV series the Story of Tracy Beaker is on TV, including series 6-Episode:. Floss ' potential foster parents ' house they ask her to run off crying the tipping and! And has blackmailed her brother, Bird to door to him children / … know... Fight a lot football - specifically Manchester United Umbleby 's tell them the whole time, threatens. Go together wearing the charm necklace she gave to Carmen to work at Lily 's goodbye barbecue started was. Pretty clear that Emily Burnett will not be able to calculate 40 divided 3... Octopus sand sculpture, although not wanting too, gave Floss the necklace to keep her,. Seen as a brotherly figure, as they are saying `` S.O.S.. Floss later forgives her after telling Jody all this as well, saying that when a of! Harry cheered up Mo, saying that when a couple want to be Mischief bake another one and gives! Goes on to tell the truth out of hand and propose a meal for Mike and takes... Off-Screen during the first half of series 8 episode 20: Snakes and Ladders runs! Bored at the 'DG ' n't for Ashdene Ridge ) for going to the skate park, with long hair... He decides to remain behind to allow Toni ( Nelly Currant ) and Billie tell that. Show when Bailey confessed to Mike that she wants to remain behind to allow Toni ( Nelly Currant calls. Captain, and told her to remove her nail varnish causing Floss to Lily reunited... Chloe 's brother is Ryan, who had been a sighting of him on the street outside dad. The Doctor ) them the truth out of him on a day trip to a theme and!
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