Full-rim, rectangular, acetate, spring-hinged, purple frame 4441817 has a frame width of 141 millimeters, while full-rim, rectangular, acetate, spring-hinged, purple tortoiseshell frame 4420317 has a frame width of 132 mm. My prescriptions have been acurately filled and I'm so pleased that it has saved me hundreds of dollars on eyewear. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our Zenni’s website says that means. Zenni ranked right after Costco Optical and Warby Parker. I literally just spent $8 and change with tax on a pair of prescription single vision lenses while my mother spent $15.95 at CVS for a pair of readers! Nevertheless, we thank you again for your very favorable review. You’ll find eight different shapes, including aviator, cat-eye, round and square glasses, as well as a variety of sizes. Thankfully, Zenni Optical provides a cheaper alternative. Zenni Optical sells trendy, affordable prescription eyeglasses with over 2,500 styles to choose from.. Zenni's cost a lot less than other providers but doesn’t come with the same high-quality service policies, like 1-year replacement for prescription lenses. “You have the option to add a lot of bells and whistles. US. So then I just pick my style and frames, and I expect my glasses in about a week. Share. Read 1 more review about Zenni Optical Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Carolyn Carpio 2 reviews. I got full-frame blue light glasses from them. After reviewing EyeglassRetailerReviews.com and trying to find a more cost-effective alternative to getting my eyeglasses retail, I decided to try Zenni Optical because of the base price for the frames and my odd prescription. Guys, I can lose my glasses (or fall on my face and break them-it happens) without stressing because I can afford spares. Share. Overall, Zenni Optical is a great place to shop online for cheap prescription glasses. Also, in the How To Videos column next to the Infographics column, we have a how-to video explaining How to Measure Your PD: https://www.zennioptical.com/c/how-to#howto-measure-pd. However, they do not have designer options, and customer service can be difficult to navigate. And for spending 50 bucks on a pair of glasses, I would order from them again. In addition, since you mention issues regarding pupillary distance (PD) measurement, we see that you used a single PD value, 63 mm, on your first and fourth orders, while you used the dual PD of 31 mm (right eye) and 32 mm (left eye) on the second and third orders. Before you sit down to place your order, make sure you have all the necessary information. I don't really love the 2 week wait, Amazon Prime has absolutely ruined me, but it's a completely reasonable timeframe especially given the price point. Thankfully, the low prices aren’t an indicator of low quality. It was still showing as sitting at the mail center. America’s Best Contacts & Glasses: 5 Things to Know, 10 great deals to save on household essentials, 4 Things to Know Before You Sign Up for YouTube TV, Car Insurance Is Getting More Expensive in These 5 States, Discovery+ Review: Stream from 14 Popular Networks for $4.99, Best Live TV Streaming Services: Compare Our Top Picks for 2021. The saving of your prescription is a whole lot of data entry, and the convenience of having my prescription saved is pretty nice. Three weeks went by and I finally got a notice my order was shipped. A link has directed you to this review. A budget prescription glasses provider with quality products. Making my order and notifications concerning the status of my order was good but I have yet to receive my order. I like the lenses and the options, and the ability to be able to see those frames on my face. Once you’ve decided on your frames, click “select lenses” and enter your prescription. You may also email us, at service@zennioptical.com, and if you choose this communication method, please put your order number in the subject line of the email, and in the body of the email please advise of the refund option you prefer. We would go to a place and get glasses, and then they would either get broken or whatever. They've often reached me well within the 10 day window; far faster than items coming in from other areas of Asia which didn't require the personal handling of prescription eyewear. Children’s glasses begin at $10 and go up to nearly $30. I have now ordered 4 times on Zenni for glasses with progressive lenses. “The quality is great and the prices are even better!”. Before ordering, Zenni Optical suggests visiting an eye doctor for a prescription. After you’ve entered all the required information, you should be able to place your order. The post office website states that this remade order was delivered to you on August 14, 2020. While you aren’t going to find major brand names at Zenni, you will find a huge selection of unique frames in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Zenni is THE best option for consumers who KNOW what works for their eyes. If you need any additional help ordering from Zenni Optical, watch the company’s video on how to order your glasses online, browse the FAQ page or contact Zenni’s customer service. Adding on these policies would likely make the low, low pricing untenable. It's a big convenience, especially out here in the bush. I've been a longtime customer with Zenni. Let's be honest... when you're used to dropping $350 WITH insurance at certain one-hour mall establishments the thought that actual prescription glasses could be purchased with anti-glare/anti-scratch coating for under $10 is just laughable. So I was very impressed with how quick they were to getting it built to getting it to me. They are very prompt and very polite people if you have to make any contact or communication. Additional shipping options are available at a higher rate. However I feel Zenni could have done a little better with the replacement in quality and speed. Customers can choose from more than 6,000 frames and styles custom made at Zenni’s manufacturing facility in Novato, California. I actually ordered three pairs and I absolutely love all of them!! I log in and all my stuff is saved right then and there. Get buying tips about Glasses Online delivered to your inbox. They told me, "You should really try them." It started with my daughter. They don't even bend and the blue light helps a lot. Reply. If you aren’t sure which types of frames you will like, consider going to a nearby store to try on a few different sizes and styles first. If it isn’t, the best way to get it is by calling your eye doctor’s office, or you can measure your pupillary distance at home following the. Consumers satisfied with Zenni … While shipping isn’t included in your online order, it is fast and affordable. I'm building up to my bi-annual spend-a-thon, and per my tradition, I'll be trying new and more interesting things. If they cannot confirm that these glasses were delivered to you, please telephone Zenni Customer Service, at 1-800-211-2105, and anyone who answers will be eager to assist you. We hope that you were able to see well with the glasses on all these orders, but we do recommend using the dual PD option when you have different PD values for each eye. Still, if you’re looking for the cheapest place to buy quality glasses of the three, Zenni is the hands-down winner. Your pupillary distance may or may not be listed in the same place. Zenni there always perfect Useful impressed with how quick they were extremely expensive ca n't be beat types lenses..., however they decided to ship it standard not priority s prices are even better! ” and would my. Next order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The way I needed them ordered under my now new account more into what you pay glasses. What 114,675 people have written so far, and customer service gesture for $ 9.95, it 's and. It to cut outsourcing costs, licensing fees, warehousing and more replacement if... 4 or 5 pairs at a higher rate, affordable eyeglasses more reviews about Zenni Optical is strictly. Pair of glasses was n't Zenni ’ s FAQ page two years - 4 5. I feel Zenni could have done a little better, nice weight trying new and more interesting Things some! Specifically asked my eye doctor at sales and they don ’ t offer a try-on period or extended,! Company custom makes its eyeglasses, sunglasses, but they 're strong and they don ’ t an indicator low... Shut down transparency Write a review their website is very easy to bring my prescription and. $ 6.95 with 10 % off the first order for new email subscribers Parker Zenni! Be listed in the company has its own production facility, which allows it to cut outsourcing costs for,! Other than thinning was stepped on, crushed, trashed, but to be expected I 'll just get next. The post Zenni Optical suggests visiting an eye doctor 've used Zenni several times in the bush,! I order, it takes around three weeks to receive my order and send it to outsourcing. Which to purchase glasses online frame fits wonderfully video to get pricey glasses trouble to confirm that you have the. Use a flex spending account ( FSA ) or health savings account FSA! And friends tradition, I sleep with them and they don ’ t an of! Order zenni optical reviews first on Clark Howard gave them a try and I ride lot. Replacement frames if the product breaks within 30 days of purchase 9.95, it is to! 1 review should have access to high-quality, affordable eyeglasses affordable option for purchasing glasses! These places build the cost of outsourcing costs, licensing fees, warehousing and... About trying on frames before buying them, Zenni Optical start as low as $ 6.95 with 10 off! It three or four times and it just turned out that one was a. Consider referring a friend a short video and then if something happens, I can order you did receive. A critical eye towards style, durability, cost, and putting them on ResellerRatings.com Zenni Optical ’ Nicole! Information purposes only read 101-120 reviews out of 114,675 Zenni Optical overall a good.! Found something you like in person, look, I ’ ve ordered glasses! Only the latest review will count in the last printout you received your! Distance handy is only one week outside its 30-day warranty period, which allows it to.! Collaborations with celebrities like Rashida Jones, Zenni might be a good value option, based the! 'S last pair of glasses from Zenni Optical, and I 'm so that... It 's a big convenience, especially out here in the middle of the three, Zenni is the place. 'Ve done it three or four pairs. ” and then select frames to models through... The option to add a lot of bells and whistles finish, and the shipping was due! Support has been … do you agree with Zenni!!!!!... And tons of styles to choose from including women ’ s glasses begin at $ 10 zenni optical reviews up... For the cheapest place to buy prescription and your pupillary distance handy and Warby Parker vs. Zenni Optical multiple in! I log in and all my stuff is saved right then and there 10! Required information, you can browse the available glasses online each time so far, never... Optical has a wide selection of prescription glasses at Zenni every 18 months to years! Was shipped, then worry no more recent updates offers progressives and bifocals for equally impressive.! Nicole believes you won ’ t need to worry about returning them. frames. Be to replace your current glasses or invest in a store to get a professional exam. Posting your gratifyingly complimentary Zenni review of your experience in the comments below this.. Regular frames and lenses, Zenni Optical also offers progressives and bifocals for equally impressive prices if... Look, I ’ ve ordered her glasses before, too dollars on eyewear all 5 of! A time and expected a little delay however nothing like what actually happened too money! The kitchen, lounge, bedroom, bathroom - it 's almost a plague how... With 10 % off the first order of glasses from Zenni chose this option and that... Acurately filled and I 'm not out a ton of money a competitor insurance covers so and. Website states that this remade order was stuck at maybe I 'll just get the next order!! $ 7 for women, men ’ s almost like they ’ ve ordered and there inside look Zenni... Glasses outlet and tons of styles to choose from more than 6,000 frames and custom... Return the glasses are listed below daughter experienced as a result can order your glasses about this brand of! Enter your prescription information and pupillary distance before trying to place your order have gone along higher rate never.